Impulse berichtet über brainshirt.

Under the heading “Fühlt sich gut an” (Feels good), the business magazine Impulse dedicates a detailed feature to sustainable business fashion. One of the actors who has his say in Jelena Altmann’s report is brainshirt founder Matthias Hebeler. The special focus of the story lies on the foundation of the company, the demands of the brand with regard to quality and sustainability, and the business suit Norfolk, which Impulse cites as a prime example of sustainable textile production.
In addition to the brainshirt managing director, Thilo Schwenzfeier, the show director of the new green Berlin fashion fair “Neonyt”, reports on trends in sustainable textile production. For him, there was no longer any contradiction between ethically correct and fashionably appealing, as the exhibitors in Berlin showed. This had been different at the beginning of the millennium, but there had been a clear development here.
Matthias Hebeler also sees it that way. Sustainable is good, but sustainable alone is not enough. “Even an eco-suit must fit, feel good and stay in shape when the wearer sits in the meeting all day. If the quality is not right, clothing cannot be sold”. But if the product satisfies the customer’s requirements, the sustainability aspect is on top like a sweet.
You can read the entire article in the current issue of Impulse, issue October 2018.

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All good things come in threes! At least :)

brainshirt received the PETA Vegan Fashion Award for the third time this week. We are very happy about this, as this award underlines our efforts for an ethically fair textile production.

In the meantime, brainshirt is proud to announce that more than 99 percent of our products completely dispense with fabrics, components and ingredients of animal origin. Together with our partners, we have succeeded in developing materials that have completely replaced classic animal ingredients – the best examples of this are the Moleskin coat and Moleskin winter trousers.

This year’s prize as “best piece for men” went to our light summer shirt Sörlandet, of course vegan, and of course in 100% organic cotton quality. A special feature of this shirt is the seersucker fabric used for the first time in our collection. Seersucker – derived from the Persian shir o shekar, milk and sugar, called Kringel – is a special weaving process, which is characterized by a three-dimensional, slightly creased surface. This shirred character of weaving is achieved by varying the tension of the warp threads during the weaving process.

We are currently using Seersucker in our summer collection for the Sörländet shirts, in the colours blue and lilac.

About the Peta Vegan Fashion Award**: Vegan clothing and accessories have long since found their way into the fashion world. Fashion fans today increasingly pay attention to which materials their clothing is made of and how animal-friendly, sustainable and fair the manufacturing process is. There are more and more purely vegan fashion labels, and even well-known brands have recognised that animal-free fashion is trend-setting. This is particularly important in order to make fashion socially acceptable without animal components. Leather, fur, down, wool and all other animal materials are no longer contemporary! With the Vegan Fashion Award, PETA honours fashionable, innovative and animal-free fashion. This year, the animal rights organisation is once again awarding prizes to vegan newcomers and labels that have firmly included animal-free products in their collections.

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Dietenheim, the third…

Dietenheim, the third…This weekend it’s time again. For the third time in Dietenheim, not far from Ulm, the fair for sustainable clothing takes place under the motto “Dietenheim attracts”. And of course we will be there again, just like at the first events. A special highlight for us this year. The symposium with Mimi Sewalski from the Avocadostore and Wolfgang Grupp from Trigema on the topic of “Responsible Corporate Management in the Textile Industry”. I am very much looking forward to discussing this with Wolfgang Grupp. He is one of the first in the industry to really practice the topic of sustainable corporate management par excellence, and has been doing so for years. I am curious.

By the way, we have almost our entire business and summer collection with us in Dietenheim. If you have no plans for tomorrow – we are looking forward to your visit.

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It’s time for another cut.

The cut makes the difference, and although our customers have appreciated our previous cuts, the SLIM and the REGULAR, for its perfect fit, especially slim people have not yet been able to choose brainshirts that fit 100%.
With the new SLIM+ cut, we have created a perfect-fit organic alternative to conventional products. Up to 8 cm tighter at the waist, with a fleeing shark collar, a dynamic and narrower button placket, two darts at the back – all in all a harmonious and figurative appearance.

By the way, in order to achieve the tight cut while maintaining comfort, we only use Dynamic Cotton for the Slim+ shirts. This means that, thanks to a special weaving process, the shirt gives way up to 10% in width, like a natural stretch, for example when sitting down.

People make all the difference.

2017 was a great year for brainshirt. We have moved a lot together. We would like to thank you for that.

Raw Denim, the new brand brained, the expansion of the collection with numerous premium shirts and new designs, the new cooperations with Candiani and Brennet. There were many events that made 2017 a successful year for brainshirt. But behind all these events are people with whom we were able to spend time. People who share our vision of a fairer textile world. People like you, who as our customers, partners and friends are our motivation to continue on our way. We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday, time to relax between the years and a thrilling start into a sustainable year 2018. Your team from brainshirt.