Elverum – Preorder in November!

Standing collar shirts – classics that never go out of fashion. Like the new stand-up collar shirt Elverum by brainshirt. Now new in the exclusive Black-Edition. Discreet black with black buttons give a fashionable and at the same time traditional look. Guaranteed to be delivered at the beginning of December!

PRE-ORDER = profit 3x!

Do you want to be one of the first customers to hold a shirt from our new collection in their hands? Then order now with brainshirt pre-order. This offers you not only the opportunity to purchase the shirt before the official start of sales, but you also save an additional 10 euros, as well as shipping and delivery costs. With brainshirt pre-order you have the possibility to benefit three times.

Fabric: 100% organic cotton

Buttons: Polymer/Biopolymer

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